Here I present a number of concepts in physics and mathematics which are of special interest to me. These are a result of investigations into various subjects that I have encountered during ongoing volunteer involvement in the Einstein At Home distributed computing project. Thus this site will center around the concepts and procedures used in astronomical signal detection and analysis. However I wish to eventually arrange a good deal of contextual information around this. It will always be a work in progress, a living document I believe is the modern phrase.

I will draw upon some rather ancient knowledge as taught to me last millennium when studying towards a bachelor of science degree. That was when my scientific hero Richard Feynman was still with us. Alas I never was able to meet him. As the years passed I also swallowed a number of textbooks to varying amounts and levels of indigestion, and I continue to read avidly during mythic time intervals that I label as 'my spare time' in a spatial region called 'the comfy chair'. Bear in mind that my knowledge is that of a keen hobbyist, so there will definitely be errors and they will all be mine !


Cheers, Mike.



I emphasise that despite my moderator role at Einstein At Home there is no connection whatsoever between this site and any organisations, particularly LIGO/LSCAEI/MPG. This is my purely private effort & commentary with any other inferences rejected outright.